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The Triad Treatment Approach

Treat The Person, Not their Diagnosis!!!

What this means is that we examine whole body systems and mechanisms to figure out the reason for your symptoms. A diagnosis is only a label. It does not tell you how you got that way, nor what to do to make you better. For example, you may be labeled with “Fibromyalgia”, or “Hypothyroidsm”, “Migraines”, “Sciatica”, “Carpal Tunnel”, etc…Conventional treatments are focused on treating the symptoms that are associated with these conditions, but are not targeted at the mechanisms that created such conditions.  There are literally tens to hundreds of reasons why a person may develop these conditions.

The Arvizu Chiropractic approach is to examine the different physiological mechanisms that have created, or are beginning to create DISEASE. We do not place patients into specific protocols because we understand that one person with certain symptoms differs from another person with the same complaints.

Our success in treating patients with various conditions is based upon our thorough investigation of neurologic and biochemical mechanisms. We assess mechanisms, and ask why the dysfunction has occurred.
To answer these questions we use:

  •     Chiropractic Neurology
  •     Functional Endocrinology
  •     Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  •     Functional Immunology
  •     Applied Kinesiology Analysis

We look at brain function with a non-invasive brain function assessment that examines how well different areas of the brain are functioning. We look at your chemistry (hormones, blood sugar, immune system, gastrointestinal system) with specialized lab testing. We do all this to make sure we’re getting the best and most complete picture of you.

The doctors and staff at Arvizu Chiropractic work under the philosophy that a person’s total health and vitality is a balance between a person’s structural, biochemical, emotional, and neurological well being.

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