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We eliminate all that guesswork, so you can spend less time Googling your symptoms and more time with your friends and family

We help you get to the root of those frustrating ailments that keep you from enjoying your life, like low energy, insomnia, weight gain, stress, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems and environmental toxicity, to name a few.

We give you the answers you’ve been searching for through quick and in-depth tests, and then show you exactly what you need to do to address those pesky problems through nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

Why hasn’t this been done this before? Well, because most doctors are trained to treat symptoms and don’t have time to really dig to figure out the root of your particular issues. Sorry. It’s just easier to give you the quick answer that also works for everyone else. And, because you have accepted that’s how it is and have come to terms with telling yourself that you are healthy enough, it remains unchanged.

But is that really good enough? Of course not. Our goal is to get you to your healthiest, fixing the annoying, ambiguous symptoms too.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you.

You work long hours, you sit at a desk for too long, you aren’t always able to eat healthy, and finding the time to work out sometimes gets hard. You are busy, stressed and overwhelmed by all the options for healthy living. Coffee is your friend to help with what feels like chronic fatigue. You are a multitasking master.

You are frustrated with the state of the health care system, you want the best possible answer, not just what can be prescribed.

You know your modern life is wreaking havoc on your health and you want a way to do all you can NOW to stop the damage that’s being done. Well, you have come a long way and today is the day your Googling pays off.

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