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Panini Pressed Subs,Grill Burgers & Salads.

* Our Burger Beef is 100% usda ORGANIC (kosher Angus Beef).
* Our Bread and Buns is Baked Fresh Daily, We Proudly Serve Artisan And Non-GMO Breads, all of our breads are also made from Kosher Pareve Ingredients.
* All of our deli is kosher.
* All of our vegetables are cut Daily!


Established in 2014.

A Brand New Fast Causal Restaurant in the heart of Sherman Oaks, Our restaurant is here to serve our local community with the highest ingredients out there, All of our dishes are being Pressed in a italian panini toaster to give you this hot and crunchy taste. We serve USDA Organic & kosher burger, Med-well done if not requested otherwise. Are Main Specialty is our Pressed Subs! try out are Signature Hot Roast Beef with or without Grill onions! also we have you Build Your Own pressed Subs! all our meat, chicken and deli are Kosher! giving you the highest quality as possible, Baked. Fresh. Daily. breads serve here everyday, we proudly serve Artisan breads, Non-GMO used by a kosher flour as well. All of our Vegetable are being cut FRESH everyday! we do not serve nothing in our restaurant that is pre-made, everything here is Fresh and Clean!
we also serve a few Salads options and you have to come and try our Pressed Sweet croissant serve with Nuttalla , banana and/or strawberries!

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14518 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


(818) 849-5835