Burger Lounge

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Grass-Fed Beef… Truly Healthy Salads… Living Green… Modern Digs…

Burger Lounge grew out of the idea that a hamburger should not only taste great, it should also utilize healthy ingredients produced in a sustainable environment.

We provide a simple premium quality menu that appeals to health conscious diners, vegetarians, salad lovers and those simply ”hankering for a great hamburger”.

The future at Burger Lounge is bright and forward thinking.

As a fast growing restaurant brand, we represent a new take on an industry that has long suffered from poor quality over processed food products and inadequate guest service. We implement these ideals and positive environmental practices as we open new locations in great neighborhoods. Our business model represents the bridge between bloated corporate “fast food” culture and the “less is more, quality is everything” approach. Simply put, we do a common thing, uncommonly well.

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4550 Van Nuys Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


(818) 905-7319