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“We’re From The Streets and We Love It.”
What is Eight 1 Eight? In it’s simplest form Eight 1 Eight represents the area code of the San Fernando Valley, 818.
But the real question is Who is “Eight 1 Eight”?  We are everything you are! We’re from different backgrounds, we came up on our own. We grind every single day and all of our original designs and brands we carry are decided on with the overall idea; does this represent everyday life? For us, every day life can range from sports and hip hop to a night out in the club; or making a social statement or hustling for every dollar to provide for yourself.  That can be seen in Eight 1 Eight designs from our “He got Game” and ’96 Draft T-shirt all the way to our trendsetting Trap Gods extended T-shirt.
 Just know that we our inspired by the love of our supporters and do our best to bring you a brand that you can be proud of and be excited to rep while you’re out there grinding to.
We’re excited for 2015 as we move to our new improved location 4501 Van Nuys Blvd. Sherman Oaks, Ca (Van Nuys/Ventura) and can’t wait to show you the stylish direction we’re taking Eight 1 Eight.
We also are always seeking new ways to create a fun environment for our customers with special events and free ticket giveaways, in-store celebrity promos and surprise celebrity performances are just some of the exciting things being part of the Eight 1 Eight family brings! This has set Eight 1 Eight apart from other local apparel shops and has made us VERY popular in the community.
With uniqueness and originality Eight 1 Eight by Brotherhood can ensure you’re always informed on exclusive and exciting events happening in the local area. An exciting new way to experience fashion Eight1Eight welcomes you to become a part of this movement and friendship so don’t hesitate any longer and come check us out
Become a part of something bigger and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Twitter.com/Eight1EightLA, Instagram: @Eight1EightLA, Facebook.com/Eight1EightLA
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4531 1/2 Van Nuys Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


(818) 387-8882