What We Do

What is the Business Improvement District?

The Village at Sherman Oaks Business Improvement District (BID) is a property based district formed by a vote ofthe village holidays the commercial property owners that assesses themselves for localized improvements. The BID is managed by a non-profit corporation pursuant to its adopted Management District Plan and contracts with the City. The contract was re-approved in 2015 and the contract lasts until December 2019.

The Board of Directors meets on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 9:00am on the 2nd floor of the VEDC Building. We invite our shareholders to participate.

What Does the Village Do?

the village tree trimming1. Enhances the cleanliness of the BID by hiring a day porter 5 days a week to sweep, take out trash and keep the sidewalks clean
2. Beautifies the BID by maintaining clean, painted furniture, flower baskets on its green poles, plantings and a beautifully landscaped median
3. Trims the trees and keeps all the plants watered
4. Maintains its own trash cans
5. Decorates the Village seasonally
6. Brands the Village with signage and painted electric boxes
7. Works with City Hall and other local organizations to keep Sherman Oaks BID’s needs top of mind